A flexible service suitable for:

Employers wanting assurance they are choosing a suitable person to look after their children

Job seekers who want to verify their references and undergo a DBS check

All categories of Early Years worker updating their DBS

We offer a ‘shopping cart’ of professional services – You simply pick and choose which individual services you will require.

  • Nanny Disclosure & Barring Service Check
  • DBS checks for Early Years Workers
  • CV Sifting & Shortlisting
  • Reference checking (world-wide)
  • Interviewing
  • Contract of Employment Services

CV Shortlisting & Sifting

Why use this service?

We are all time-limited and trawling through hundreds of applicants is not only not feasible, but there is a real danger of missing a good candidate. Our many years experience enables us to sift through applications utilising our knowledge of both the childcare profession and the level of qualification of applicants, ensuring identification of the most appropriate candidates.

£45 for up to 15 CVs £20 every additional 10

We can sift through applicant’s CV’s and using either a scoring process or summary of skills and suitability, the shortlisted applicants will be presented to you ready to be telephoned or for you to meet in person.

Disclosure & Barring Service Check

Why is this necessary?

Checking that the person you are going to leave your child with is suitable to work with children must be an essential element of your recruitment process. The Disclosure and Barring Check previously known as CRB/Criminal Records Bureau, helps employers make safer recruitment decisions.

Do you need a  check carried out to Enhanced Level which checks the children’s and/or adults barred list(s)? We can carry out a check for your or (with their consent a third party) Please contact our team for more information.

If you are an employer:

We will confirm to you when the Disclosure and Barring Certificate has been issued to your Nanny, who will then be in a position to show you the certificate. Please note: To process a DBS check and references we will require your name and contact details and those of your Nanny and confirmation of your Nanny’s permission to carry out the check, as we will not be able to carry out the check without the consent of the person being checked.


Want your own check?

If you would like a check carried out for your personal use we can carry out a check on your behalf.


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Reference checking (world-wide)

Why utilise a reference checking service?

Our 25 years experience in obtaining childcare references, enables us to carry out a professional assessment of the candidate and to map their description of their role against the description supplied by the referee. Our expertise enables us to also delve deeper and get a proper sense of the candidates skills and suitability.

UK referees: £25.00 for two checks Overseas/ Europe: £15 per check United States: £18.00 per check Other countries: Prices on application

To carry out reference checks we will need the following:

  • Your details
  • The details of the person being checked
  • The opportunity to discuss with you which checks you wish to obtain
  • The candidates written consent to undertake the checks

Referees will be contacted by telephone and a written report will be presented to you within a maximum of 10 working days (it may well be less but we are governed by how long it takes for a referee to return our call). On rare occasions we may be unable to obtain a reference or the referee refuses permission to disclose all or part of a reference, if this occurs we would inform you and discuss if you wish to seek an additional reference instead.


We can assist at any or every stage of the interview process. Our services include:

  • Creating interview questions
  • Joining you for the interview
  • Interviewing the first round of candidates on your behalf
  • Interviewing throughout the process

Price on application

As recruiters we undertake interviews with nannies all the time. If you have a number of applicants you need to narrow down we can carry out interviews on your behalf to create a short list of one to three candidates. Alternatively we can assist you to carry out your own interviews at home. We will contact you to find out what your requirements are and who you wish us to arrange interviews with. After the interview we will discuss the candidates strengths and weaknesses with you and provide a written summary.

Contract of Employment Services

We can assist:

  • Offer advice
  • Supply templates of Contracts of Employment
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