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We offer wraparound training supporting your care of the elderly all the way through to care of babies.

Contact our team for specialist Elder-Care First Aid courses and Safeguarding training sessions.

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For Caregivers

We offer sessions to support your role as a caregiver to elderly people.

  • First Aid
  • Manual Lifting
  • Nutrition
  • Safeguarding
  • Planning caregiving
  • How to manage an accident diary

Are you working in Elder Care, caring for a family member or simply want to be prepared if someone needs your help?

I have a family member whose skin is very delicate, I don't know how to manage it if they have a minor cut.

An elderly person is more susceptible to getting a skin infection, their skin may be much more delicate and thinner it also may heal more slowly.  Riverside Cares offers a First Aid training course that is specially designed to support the needs of a person caring for an elder person’s needs.

Can I attend the course with a group of people?

Yes! We can arrange a session in your setting or in one of our training rooms.

Do you offer Safeguarding Sessions for people working in Elder Care

Yes, absolutely. We can arrange sessions for as few as three people and up to 20 people in your setting (larger groups) and in our training rooms (smaller groups).

Help, I need to lift an elderly person without recking my back

We offer a 2 hour Manual Handling course, suitable if you are lifting and carrying

FAQs Supporting Sessions Care of the Elderly

Do I need training to care for an elderly relative?

It makes sense to give the best care you can and understanding the needs of an elderly person. At Riverside Cares, whilst we do not offer sessions for every aspect of that care we can ensure you understand skin care, minor wound management and how to ensure someone eating small amounts does get sufficient nutrition.

I am an informal caregiver to a member of my family, I need help making the best of the time I can give.

We can arrange a one-to-one session with you to help you figure how to best plan the time you have available

Do I need First Aid?

Yes, if you do not have a first aid qualification we can arrange for you to undertake this training.

I would like to understand more about the best food for an elderly person

We can arrange a nutrition session for you!

My mum will be cared for by someone I want them to understand about Safeguarding

Riverside Cares can arrange for a session tailored to your family’s requirements

I would like to set up an accident book at my parents home for the carer to use, but I don't know how to use it myself!

Contact our team and we can create a session for you both to attend together

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