Riverside Cares and Riverside Training Company brings together our depth of knowledge and expertise in the training of people in the caring professions.

Accredited training offering recognised qualifications for a career in childcare or care of the elderly is delivered in classrooms, early years sector settings, virtual training room, your workplace, with your community or with your friends. E-Learning on the internet is available 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.

Our Team

Gaby Morris

Gaby Morris, co-founder of Riverside Cares 31 years ago, and now is Director of Communications. brings her extensive experience of human resources, recruitment and staff retention. Regularly published in professional childcare magazines here and in the United States, Gaby writes and blogs on contemporary childcare topics. Gaby chairs a charity focused on supporting youth and has a strong belief in the power of volunteering to improve the lives of others and the great benefits to the volunteer.

Jill Wheatcroft

Jill Wheatcroft MSc, BSc Community Children’s Nursing, RSCN, Post Grad Dip Academic Practice, First Aid Instructor, A1 Assessor has extensive experience as a Paediatric Nursing Sister and Lecturer in Child Health. Her depth of knowledge of childcare in home, community and hospital settings enables her to support others working in the childcare sector, as well as providing sound well thought out advice and support for families, underpinned by her extensive knowledge. Jill, co-founder of Riverside Cares, established 1989, has always been passionate about ensuring children’s safety and well being.