Providing Nannies since 1989

We know how important it is that you have someone to whom you can speak who not only understands your requirements but offers flexible, fast, sensible solutions based on sound judgement and professional knowledge.

We will provide you with a dedicated professional, assigned to you, who will identify your needs and help you chose the best childcare for your family.

Covid19 has shown that there is a need for flexible working arrangements, we can provide you with both temporary and permanent, full and part time childcare solutions for your family home.

For Families

Our specialists will give you expert help to find the best childcarer for your family. Our team is available on the phone and by email, Monday to Friday for real conversations and immediate help. Offering:

  • Permanent Nannies

2.5% of annual gross salary (with a minimum of £200) agency fee

  • Temporary Nannies

1 Day Temp £15  agency fee plus Nanny Salary

4 hours or less £10 agency fee plus Nanny Salary

1 Week Temp £50 agency fee plus Nanny Salary

  • Full time and part time Nannies
  • Emergency childcare services. Nannies available 24/7 including overnight and weekends
  • Temporary Nannies available on the day and booked in advance
  • Back-up care service for last minute requirements
  • Night newborn specialists
  • Babysitters
  • Wedding Nannies to enhance guests experience on a special day
  • Hotel Nanny and babysitting service
  • Internet nanny search, nanny background check services to ensure safe recruiting: CV screening, world wide referencing, first round interviewing.
  • Nanny PA

All agency fees are subject to VAT

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Family registration

For Nannies

Registering for permanent or temporary nanny jobs, Interested in evening babysitting with Riverside Cares? You will need to be:

  • Be experienced with checkable references
  • Have sole charge nanny experience or experience in an early years, nursing or school setting.
  • Be able to work in the UK
  • Be in possession of a police clearance and/or willing to have one undertaken.
  • Have confident spoken and written English
Nanny Training

For Au pairs

You will need to be:

  • Currently UK based with checkable references from previous work with UK based families
  • Eligible to be an Au-Pair in the UK

Nanny training suitable for Ofsted.

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Screening Service and DBS Checks

A flexible service suitable for:

Employers wanting assurance they are choosing a suitable person to look after their children

Job seekers who want to verify their references and undergo a DBS check

All categories of Early Years worker updating their DBS

We offer a ‘shopping cart’ of professional services – You simply pick and choose which individual services you will require.

  • Nanny Disclosure & Barring Service Check
  • DBS checks for Early Years Workers
  • CV Sifting & Shortlisting
  • Reference checking (world-wide)
  • Interviewing
  • Contract of Employment Services

Why is this necessary?

Checking that the person you are going to leave your child with is suitable to work with children must be an essential element of your recruitment process. The Disclosure and Barring Check previously known as CRB/Criminal Records Bureau, helps employers make safer recruitment decisions.

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Evening Babysitting London

Want an evening out in the knowledge that you are leaving your children with a competent, trustworthy, friendly babysitter?

Joining Riverside Cares Babysitting Club gives you access to interviewed, referenced and police checked babysitters, all of whom have worked as professional child carers.

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Babysitting & Nanny Service for Hotels

Riverside Cares provides nannies and babysitters for travellers visiting London. We do not charge a registration fee and accept payment by credit card for agency services (payable at time of booking). The nanny or babysitter is paid in cash directly by you at the time of receiving service. Cancellation policy: Once a childcarer has been placed and accepted by the hotel guest the childcarer is due payment for their services. Any subsequent bookings incur an agency fee and payment to the childcarer. Cancellations under 12 hours or over the weekend still incur an agency booking fee.  If insufficient time is given to cancel the childcarer (3 hours) or the childcarer cannot be contacted the hotel guest ordering the service is expected to pay the nanny a minimum of 3 hour fee. For further information:

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Emergency Nanny

Riverside Cares operates an early morning emergency desk to cover unexpected needs. We can supply in all London postal districts. The service operates from 7.30am Monday to Friday. Temporary Nannies all have current police clearances, been referenced and undergone a full interview.

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FAQs for families seeking childcare

How do you screen your nannies?

Every applicant goes through a rigorous face­ to ­face interview process and completes and signs an application form. Their CV is mapped to their interview to ensure accuracy. References are checked and candidates are required to provide a police clearance.

I have an emergency can you help?

Yes, we operate an early morning ‘Emergency Needs’ desk from 7.30am Monday to Friday. Our team have a list of temporary child carers who are available to go out on assignments at short notice. You can register without incurring charges in advance to make access to this service even faster on the day you need to use it.

Can someone stay overnight?

Absolutely. We have nannies available for every sort of scenario.

Do you have someone who can help at my wedding?

Yes, we can provide nannies and babysitters to stay at the event or in hotel rooms. We can even create a themed play area for your youngest guests.

Are babysitters willing to work until very late at night?

Yes, simply give us the hours you need covered and we will find a suitably experienced, police checked babysitter.

Can I share a nanny with another family?

We frequently help families looking for a nanny to work within a nanny share. We will need to know at the outset that this is your requirement to ensure we are describing your job properly to candidates.

Can you advise me about contracts and employment issues?

Yes, it is part of our after placement service if you use our tailor ­made service. If you have found a nanny through your own resources we offer this as part of our Nanny Screening Services.

FAQs for Nannies

I have a childcare qualification from abroad is that valid in the UK?

It is dependent on the country where the qualification was awarded and how it maps to curriculum frameworks in the UK. Remember to bring your original copies to the UK with you when applying for work.

Do I need to run a new CRB/DBS check or have my current one verified?


What references will I need?

Your last job and a selection of references that cover the last 2 years and others that are specifically related to the ages of children that you wish to look after. Plus confirmation of your qualifications and a current disclosure and barring Check

Can I choose the families I work for?