A seismic change is about to happen in your life or maybe you are already in the epicentre. How do you as a dad-to-be prepare for each step along the way with a new baby?

Antenatal sessions are invaluable, focusing on getting ready for the birth and the immediate aftermath but that’s just the beginning. Trouble is you may not always feel comfortable asking some questions, maybe you think they are too obvious or you are hijacking a session which is really for the mum or mum-to-be or you simply want to double check things you have heard but feel a bit uncomfortable asking. Perhaps you are struggling to find the time to attend the classes.

Riverside Care has created a series of short online sessions that you can dip into whenever you want from your laptop or your phone, you can even access them on the train on the way to work! The sessions cover the essentials and stuff you’d like to know but may not want to ask about, devised by Jill Wheatcroft and Gaby Morris of Riverside Cares. And for a bit of ‘hands on’ we’ve created a 3 hour Baby and Child First-Aid for Blokes session for you and your friends or a mixed group session (we can even create a tailor-made session on a topic of your choice – hands on practical advice on everything from changing nappies, how the heck to potty train a girl, dealing with head lice when no one else is home through to what to do with breast milk). Our team can book you a session on a date that suits you and the session can either be held in one of our training rooms or better still in a family home or your office.

Research shows that where a father has been highly involved from early on with their child, the benefits have been enormous impacting on the child’s self esteem, ability to form friendships, cope better at school so we say harness all the good stuff to come!