Make your own Minimalist Christmas Tree

We can’t wait to get folding and chuffed to be sharing Coco Sato’s Minimalist Christmas Tree tutorial with you.  Her sheer creativity explains why she is a Pantone Color Inspires award winner.

Let’s Talking about helping your baby to sleep

It’s every parent’s challenge how to gently encourage your baby into a routine that establishes nighttime and daytime, or how to re-establish that routine if it’s been disrupted. Join Jill Wheatcroft, Lecturer in Child Health for an excellent session which will establish some really good practice and discuss what to do if you’ve tried everything […]

Let’s Talk about Babies and Sleep

Join us for a special sunday morning session in north london at 11am on December 4th. We will be at one of our favorite spots, JW3. We chose sunday morning for this session to allow many of you who we know would love to attend together to come along and babies are welcome! We will […]

Pumpkins Anyone? Yes please if it’s Spicy Wedges

  Ingredients 2lbs 11oz pumpkin or squash 3 tablespoons olive oil seasoning 1 teaspoon crushed coriander and fennel seeds A large pinch of chilli flakes Oven mark 6 180 degrees c fan oven or 200 degrees c in a regular oven It’s really simple! Peel and trim the pumpkin or squash then cut in half […]

So Good we did it Twice

Well Stepney and Hackney really know how to party and what’s more our favorite places became the venue for Teenie Halloweenie 2016. We were joined at Stepney City Farm by our friends from Tower Hamlets Mums partners this year. And wow you really turned out in huge numbers which we loved and the weather was […]

How not to get Spooked by Allergies on Halloween

What does this week mean to you? Halloween parties, dressing up and trick or treat, or is a nightmare but not of the Elm Street variety. All about you running the gauntlet trying to avoid stuff your child is allergic to, attempting to manage what can be a potentially out of control experience, when it […]