non chocolate easter eggs

What Egg-actly is too much chocolate?

Easter is here and, for many of us, this means an abundance of Easter eggs for our children.  You already know that a seemingly never-ending stream of well-meaning family members and friends

child holding a fresh leaf

We Got Stuck in and Here’s the Recipes

We knew that armed with a pot of glue, some ace stickers and some amazing fresh food that our young gang of farm fans were going to rise to the challenge and Eat Fresh Green Food.

Spring Pop Up

Stuff to go see at the Riverside Cares Pop Up

 Stuff to see and do whilst you are here: Visit the Polytunnels and see where the plants are growing 🐌Taste some freshly picked Chard 🌿 🐌Try some of Chef Christina’s Chunky Cannelloni Bean and Chard Puree or Chard Frittata 😋 🐌Get crafty in the school room 🖌

Spring Pop Up

Why Leaves Matter

Nearly all plants have leaves. The leaves are important! The leaves on green plants soak up the sunlight and together with water turn it into food to feed the plants so they can grow. (image with thanks to kid

Spring Pop Up

What is a Poly Tunnel?

What is a Poly Tunnel? It is a tunnel made of polyethylene. Inside it heats up when the sun shines down on it (this happens on sunny and cloudy days). The heat warms up the plants and soil inside the poly tunnel and makes it grow faster than it would outside in the ground. You […]