IMAGE Dr Emma Haycraft

Q&A with Dr Emma Haycraft

  Kicking off our Expert Insights series we are delighted to introduce Dr Emma Haycraft, interviewed recently. A Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Loughborough University, her research focuses primarily on parent-child interactions, particularly in the context of feeding, eating and mealtimes.  She is currently leading a British Heart Foundation-funded project which is looking at ways […]


Cleaning up your Cooking with Healthy Food Blogs

Great recipes, superb photography and an understanding of home cooking seem to be the recipe for a food Blogs success. Aided and abetted by a cornucopia of homegrown and international Bloggers, the most adventurous cooks are no longer found solely in a restaurant’s kitchen. Three of our favorite bloggers right now: The Sprouted Kitchen California based […]

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Instagraming our lives

It is true that there is something strangely satisfying about posting pics of things we like and adding that little heart to other peoples images too. Random things, cuddly toys, the clever meal we had and will never be able to replicate, a shoe and a pebble with a dab of rainbow afterglow added. The […]


Why Remember?

Our televisions have been flooded with programmes about World War I as the centenary year enters it’s last quarter, but does it mean anything to children and does it matter that they recall this conflict that took so many lives? Should young children be exposed to stories of war or should the topic be avoided […]

new year

Happy New Year

Wishing all our Jewish clients and carers a sweet and happy new year! And if you’ve got a cracking honey cake recipe we’d love you to share it.  


Working Under the Table

Why Nannies Need to Say No             Working under the table, what a fabulous old fashioned expression. It suggests an underhand exchange of money with no questions asked. Don’t ask, don’t tell. You take the money and a secret pact is made, binding together employer and employee to keep the […]

IMAGE olivia milk

Scratch ‘Ice-Bucket’ replace with Breast-Milk Bucket

Olivia Wilde, the gals at Riverside Cares aren’t sure whether to applaud you or reprimand you for your wastefulness.  Olivia, (who knew she had such stellar British credentials) mother of little Otis, took the Ice-bucket challenge to a whole new place when she chucked a bucket of breast milk over herself. Any breastfeeders out there care to comment […]