Why Remember?

Our televisions have been flooded with programmes about World War I as the centenary year enters it’s last quarter, but does it mean anything to children and does it matter that they recall this conflict that took so many lives? Should young children be exposed to stories of war or should the topic be avoided […]

new year

Happy New Year

Wishing all our Jewish clients and carers a sweet and happy new year! And if you’ve got a cracking honey cake recipe we’d love you to share it.  


Working Under the Table

Why Nannies Need to Say No             Working under the table, what a fabulous old fashioned expression. It suggests an underhand exchange of money with no questions asked. Don’t ask, don’t tell. You take the money and a secret pact is made, binding together employer and employee to keep the […]

IMAGE olivia milk

Scratch ‘Ice-Bucket’ replace with Breast-Milk Bucket

Olivia Wilde, the gals at Riverside Cares aren’t sure whether to applaud you or reprimand you for your wastefulness.  Olivia, (who knew she had such stellar British credentials) mother of little Otis, took the Ice-bucket challenge to a whole new place when she chucked a bucket of breast milk over herself. Any breastfeeders out there care to comment […]

Funny Girl

Don’t Rain on My Parade

Ok so we’re looking out of the window and it doesn’t look promising.   It’s sort of grey and cold and dull and damp. But let’s look on the positive side it’s a first class excuse to get the biscuit barrel out – find your favourite spot on the sofa and bring a little Barbra […]

Dr Who

Doctor Who Returns To 0ur TV’s Tonight

Make sure you’re indoors or have the record button firmly pressed for the new series of Doctor Who. We have to admit it we’re excited!     Peter Capaldi’s career has been hugely successful from his early days in Scotland taking drama classes and being rather arty. He studied at Glasgow School of Art and perhaps his path […]


Congratulations and Jubilations

Either white dresses and veils are the must wear item this week or love is in the air and you’re getting married. Congratulations MazelTov sveikiname gratulálok pagbati help what did we miss out!     and don’t you love this pic of Mary Pickford one of the most famous actresses in the 1920’s on her […]