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Join us for an evening learning about Safeguarding

Have you completed safeguarding training and need to refresh it or do you have an interest in understanding more either as a professional or as parent. This 3 hour evening course will equip you perfectly to understand the key basics.  This course covers areas such as ‘the signs and symptoms of abuse, procedures to follow […]

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When a child’s picky eating habits impact on the whole family

Ever come across one of your child’s friends who is a super picky eater? Or a niece or nephew? They come with an instruction pack from their parents about what they will and won’t eat, which of course out of respect and so that you don’t trigger a meltdown, you comply with. Do you wonder […]

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Hands Up for a Great Idea

Cooking and keeping a small child busy at the same time is the eternal challenge. We’ve been asking mums and you know what? You’ve come up with some great ideas! Here’s seven ‘my blue heaven’ #childcarehacks we just have to share:


Childcare was a Lightbulb Moment for me

It happens like that for some people, they suddenly know exactly what they want to do as a career and for others it sort of creeps up on them, bang in the middle of doing something completely different. The tell tale signs that it is time for a change is when you really feel that

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Summer Craft Ideas

Can we say the best thing about rainy days is that we get to do lots of cool indoor stuff and get to spread all over the floor and not feel guilty about it or under pressure to get out with a buggy full of things and instead have the best day in EVER! So #LetsGetBusy

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Whow! It’s nearly August!!!!

Is it really two weeks since Baby and Toddler fest over at JW3? Only just getting ‘pen to paper’ on this one.  You know it is an event that is dear to our heart, hands-on and we get to meet all of you, which we love, and hundreds of you came. This year we taught  baby […]