Yoga Fruit-plate Anyone?

We’re always looking for smart hacks to head off faddy eating moments and Dutch based photographer and mum Sandra Baars has came up with a brilliant answer, which doubles up as a terrific idea to makes her 5 year old very happy, and its all about fruit. She figured out that a plate of fruit could be so much more fun if it was combined with a yoga pose.

The fruit plate idea goes further, each yoga pose has a deeper meaning, think fruit code for life, health and happiness.

plate with yogo pose created from fresh fruit including kiwi

Sandra works hard to get the yoga theme and it’s underlying message balanced, pun intended:), the plates are all about healthy eating and nutrition whilst keeping everything anchored in fun. She shares

‘Don’t force, make healthy food happy. Every step in the right direction is a step. If a child won’t eat something today, then try again tomorrow.’


The training team at Riverside Cares couldn’t agree more, just stay relaxed. Sandra feels that with highly nutritious food obviously there is a sense of more pressure to make a child eat, remain relaxed but add in extra patience.


yoga pose recreated in a children's fruit place with kiwi and apple

We asked Sandra about her tips if a child rejects vegetables. She suggests taking a child from very early on for the weekly shop to the supermarket, explain about all the different fruit and veg even if you are not buying it. Sandra tackles requests for sweets on these trips by not saying a flat out ‘no’, rather saying a qualified ‘yes’ which is only on special occassions such as birthdays.

yoga pose created with edible flowers and radishes on a white plate as food art

Sandra’s favourite family holiday food is a simple but delicious pasta and vegetables with a sauce loaded with even more fresh veg.

You can find Sandra with her co-collaborator, her 10 year old niece Jara via this link to instagram  @Keukenknutsels     Find Riverside Cares at