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Thank you for your interest in Riverside Cares Babysitting Club. This is a service which gives you access to professional, experienced, DBS (enhanced level) checked child-carers, all of whom have been interviewed in person and vetted.  The service provides you with babysitters who can begin a session at your home from 6 pm daily. If you need childcare at any other times we can provide you with a professional childcarer throughout the day via Riverside Cares nanny supply service. Please contact us for more information about daycare or visit our webpage.

Our service is available across most London postcodes.

Babysitters can be booked via our office team during business hours by email or phone or through our online Book-a-Babysitter dedicated page. Bookings can be requested at any time convenient to you but please be mindful that bookings are processed by our expert team between 7.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Step One:  Register to access the Riverside Cares Baby Sitting Club


Riverside Childcare is VAT registered

VAT is only chargable on the registration and booking fee not on the salary paid by you to your Babysitter

Fees for registration (one time only) which includes your first babysit £20.00 +vat (on top of this you will need to pay your babysitter £10 per hour*)

Thereafter you will be charged the Babysitting Club booking fee (each time a sitter is arranged) £8.00+vat plus the hourly rate that you pay the babysitter.

The Babysitter’s expected hourly rate, which is currently £10.00 must be paid to the Babysitter at the end of the session.

Special rates: Bank Holidays/Valentine’s Day £15 per hour

Club Booking Fee £12.00 +vat

NYE price on request

Christmas Eve/Christmas Night price on request

Terms and Conditions

  • Riverside Cares Baby Sitting Club services are supplied by Riverside Childcare Limited. Booking a Babysitter with Riverside Cares acknowledges your agreement to the terms and conditions set out below. These terms cannot be changed without the explicit written agreement of Riverside Cares and Riverside Childcare Limited.
  • The Agency is entitled to a booking fee (in accordance with its fee schedule for the time being) when it introduces you (the Client) to a Babysitter who accepts an offer of temporary employment with you (an Employee).  The booking fee is due once a Babysitter has been confirmed.
  • You will be charged VAT on each Babysitting Club booking fee ie £8.00 for a standard booking)
  • The Agency acts as an introduction service and does not employ Babysitters booked by the client. The Babysitter is at all times under the direct control and supervision of the Client.  The Agency is not responsible for negotiations and agreement of pay or any other terms and conditions of employment, the hourly rate will not be less than the guidelines set by Riverside Childcare. The Agency accepts no responsibility for any matters concerning Tax and National Insurance contributions.
  • The Agency’s fee is payable in respect of each subsequent engagement (booking) of the Babysitter.
  • If without the Agency’s written consent, the Client introduces any Candidate, Babysitter or Employee to any person, they shall be liable for the Agency’s fees should the candidate or Employee take up employment with that other person.
  • The Agency shall refund its entire fee if an Employee fails to commence service unless the Agency introduces a reasonably suitable alternative candidate or the Client was in breach or had stated an intention to breach the terms of the Employee’s employment with you, (which includes but is not limited to, seeking to impose without the Employee’s consent variations to the terms of Employment) e.g changing the hours of a Babysit.
  • The agency is not responsible for any loss suffered by the Client as a result of the Employee’s failure to undertake a booking.
  • Riverside Childcare acts as an introductory agent and shall take reasonable care to interview and check the qualifications and seek what Riverside Childcare considers to be appropriate references in respect of the Employee it introduces. The Client accepts that reference checking cannot provide a guarantee of future performance. If Riverside Childcare is unable to do any of the above it shall inform the Client of the steps it has taken to obtain this information in any event.  The Client must draw any particular requirements to the attention of Riverside Childcare in writing in a timely manner. Riverside Childcare will use its reasonable endeavours to check that any Employee introduced to the Client satisfy those particular requirements. Whenever possible Riverside Childcare will make such enquiries as may be reasonably practicable to the Disclosure and Barring Service and/or the equivalent authority or police force in the workers country.
  • When introducing an Employee to the Client, Riverside Childcare shall inform the Client of the identity of the applicant and their level of experience and training and qualifications. Where such information is not given in paper form or by electronic means it shall be confirmed by one or other of those means by the end of the third business day (excluding Saturday, Sunday and any public or Bank holiday) following, except where the information has already been given to the Client previously.
  • It is the Client’s duty and Riverside Childcare strongly recommends the Client to take up (even in cases of urgency) personal references as to character, qualifications, experience and suitability and to interview each Employee to investigate and satisfy itself of the suitability of an Employee for employment. Should the Client choose not to take up such references and/or to interview the Employee, Riverside Childcare does not accept any greater obligation than expressly provided for by these terms. In particular, the Agency shall not be responsible if the Employee is unsuitable for any aspect of the post of which the Agency was not aware, nor for any other matter concerning the Employee, which would have been discovered by you, had you sought personal references or reasonably interviewed the candidate.
  • The Client shall advise Riverside Childcare of any special health and safety matters about which Riverside is required to inform the Employee about, any requirements imposed by law or by any professional body, which must be satisfied if the Employee is to fulfil the Assignment.  The Client will assist Riverside Childcare in complying with Riverside Childcare duties under the Working Time Regulations by supplying any relevant information about the employment requested by Riverside Childcare and the Client will not do anything to cause Riverside Nannies to be in breach of its obligations under these Regulations.
  • Riverside Childcare shall not be liable (and the Client agrees and acknowledges that in the circumstances of Riverside Childcare and obligations of the Client that this provision is reasonable) for any acts, omissions, default, loss or damage caused or contributed to, by a Temporary Employee or a permanent employee introduced by Riverside Childcare.
  • Should you wish to re-book a Babysitter it must be done strictly through Riverside Cares Babysitting Club, this includes asking a Babysitter to work for you at other times, for a different hourly rate e.g as a daily nanny either temporarily or permanently.  Should you wish to make this type of booking our charges and terms will revert to the standard terms and conditions of Riverside Childcare for the placement of either temporary or permanent nannies.
  • Babysitters are available to work each evening from 6 pm (Monday to Sunday), the minimum booking period is 3 hours, and should you decide to return home in less than 3 hours, the sitter will still need to receive the minimum payment. If you require cover outside these hours please contact Riverside Nannies.
  • On Valentine’s Day and Bank Holidays the hourly rate the carer charges will increase to £15.00 per hour and the booking fee will be £12 +vat
  • On New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve and Christmas Night prices on request.
  • The Baby Sitting Club is specifically for the children registered at the family address supplied on the registration documents.
  • From time to time we are asked if extra children who are not siblings can be cared for alongside our club member’s children, we have a very strict policy on this, the second family must join our Babysitting Club, even if they are only utilising it for one evening. The hourly rate the babysitter will earn will be negotiated dependant on the individual details of the session; however, the booking fee for that evening will not be increased. If Riverside Childcare is not informed in advance, the Babysitter will not be able to carry out the booking, involving the care of children other than those named on our registration documents.
  • Getting the Babysitter Home: After 11.30 pm it is the Client’s responsibility to return the Babysitter home either by driving the sitter yourself or by paying for a respectable and known taxi, Uber or by making a reasonable contribution to cover the cost of petrol for their homeward journey if the Babysitter uses their own vehicle.
  • The Babysitting Club must be given 24 hour’s notice if a booking is cancelled between Monday and Friday and by 1 pm on a Friday if the cancellation is for a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) booking.  If less than 24 hour’s notice or is given on a weeknight then the club’s fee £8 will be due. If a weekend babysit is cancelled after 1 pm the preceding Friday the club’s £8 fee will be due.    Further, if you cancel within 6 hours of the time that the babysitter is due to arrive at your home the babysitter will be due 2 hours pay (to cover their loss of earnings for that evening. If the Babysit is cancelled within 2 hours the babysitter will be due 3 hours pay). If the cancellations occur on one of the ‘special rate’ dates then the fee due to the Babysitter will reflect the pre-agreed rate.
  • If the Client needs to cancel a Babysitter at short notice the Client agrees to send a payment to Riverside Cares with a clear instruction to pass the payment on to the Babysitter. Riverside Childcare will forward the payment to the carer. Should a Client need to cancel a weekend booking during the day on Saturday or Sunday (when Riverside’s offices are closed) the Babysitter will need to be paid for 3 hours to cover their loss of earnings, however, if the Babysitter arrives at the Client’s door, the Client will need to include fares.

Please note: Best practice for all Employees involved in the care of children requires that a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) be produced by every Employee.  However, a DBS check is not absolute assurance that any person is suitable for the care of children. You should check the date of the DBS check It will not record matters occurring after its date and may not record matters arising within the short period before its issue. If the Employee belongs to the update service, the DBS check will be confirmed as ‘current’ on joining Riverside and thereafter on a yearly basis.