Parent and Baby Fest

JW3 parent and baby fest 2018

Can’t believe a year has flown by and suddenly it’s our favourite summer city beach activity, the parent and baby fest at JW3, a veritable feast of events for parents and parents to be at the beautiful community centre on the Finchley Road. It’s super easy to get to and from Finchley Road tube station and lots of buses pass by too.

The centre has an incredible child-friendly beach, that’s right a beach on Finchley Road, set well away from the traffic and a cafe. And don’t worry about the weather – it has a massive indoor space too.

From 11-3 on Sunday, July 15th, there will be activities, parenting know-how classes you can book in advance all geared to the interests of folks with children aged four years or younger plus mums and dads to be.

This year our team at Riverside Cares have created a series of sessions for new dads, our Daddy-in-Training sessions which we will be launching at the parent and baby fest. We’re offering FREE bite-sized easy to access sessions on all sorts of topics that we hear dads are interested in. Yep, which way do you wipe clean a baby girl? How to deal with nits when no one else is there, and giving a baby its first bottle, from you… how not to drop a baby… we could keep going! We’ll be at the event all day and can give you the logins to access the information. What we’d like to know about is what you’d like to know about!

If you’d like to pre-book any of the sessions here’s the link