Lovin’ spoonful of Summer in the City

Hippie Art, floral shirts, white trousers … it’s here its June and as far as we’re concerned it’s officially summer! Who cares that the weather may be dippy? As far as we’re concerned its summertime and we’re lovin’ it in the city.

Come on in and feel the love, join us whether it’s from your bed, at your desk, from the highchair or in a thick wooly jumper (because its a very british summer). Back in the day they really knew just how to shout out about it! Get your apricot and elderflower punch in your left hand, click the volume key on your laptop and have an ace super retro singalong moment. And whilst your at it,  get your diary out for a bunch of brilliant yes we do mean brilliant events with the Riverside Cares gang and our pals ….click her for the intel