Kitty with her pot of gold – big love from us!


When we first ‘met’ Kitty on her adorable instagram site @kittythepotofgold we were instantly smitten. She’s ridiculously creative and its such a treat that she’s sharing her skills with us.

Here’s a 101 to making her little folk and if you need you’d prefer Kitty to make one for you she has the best best best etsy shop ever!

How Kitty does it

Making the a little pot of gold character….

Cut a pipe cleaner for the arms (about 3 inches). Fold over the ends so there’s no sharp wire. Get skin coloured merino wool, wrap a little around each ends to make the hands. Use a medium gauge felting needle for this.

Grab a handful of lambswool, pull it lengthways, wrap it over the arms to form the body.

Shape this with a course gauge felting needle until you get a ‘dress’ shaped core.

Next create the head:

Pinch some lambswool and roll it to form a ball. Felt it with a medium gauge felting needle.

Attach it to the body.

Get a handful of coloured merino wool, pull it into two long thin strips to cover the pipe cleaner arms. Wrap them around a needle felt them


Bring the wool down to the hands and then back up again. Get more coloured wool to cover the rest of her body. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look to neat around the shoulders because you will be adding her hair later and it will cover a lot anyway…


Cover her skirt and base of skirt with thin layers of coloured wool.



Add her hair and skin for her face. Now you poke a lot of times all over to make her firm and smooth. You can add details afterwards. This basic doll can be adapted to make many characters.

Use different colours and accessories to make things like witches, fairies, princesses etc. the possibilities are endless and don’t forget to visit kitty’s etsy store and like us love and like her on facebook and instagram and visit her website on


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  • Kitty

    Thanks for the shout out, made my day