Is he Justin time to be saved from himself?

Are we all to blame for #JustinBeiber  or is blame the wrong word because he is perhaps perfectly happy and just wants ‘out’ – you know the scene – cash in his chips and run far far away from having to actually perform. You could argue that he mislaid his early teens as a piece of public property and he’s playing a very public game of catch-up now.
What does the future hold for him – a series of snapshots from night-clubs, dubious looking girlfriends… or maybe something quite different. Maybe if he were to really retire he could actually be incredibly happy and we might, just might imagine his future 15 week booking in Las Vegas dueting with Celine Dion although that duet might instead send the audience straight to therapy!
If we had one piece of advice to give him what would it be?
The Age of Innocence

The Age of Innocence