Flower Power can go to your head

The wonderful thing about May bank holiday weekend is that you really feel it is possible that summer is around the corner, come rain or shine.  As part of our instagram stars and creatives programme, we’re delighted to share how to make Tanja Berlin’s brilliant crochet headband.

She has a gorgeous website  (with english translation built in) and instagram spot called @Frau_apfelkern  where she creates crochet figures, fruit and flowers and she explains to us in English and German how we can do it too. You know our gang we are a pushover if you say the words #craft #colour and #cute

We love her spring strawberry patch headband which she tells you how to make step by step on her blog, at the heart of it is a simple idea which allows you to freestyle and make your own mix of crochet deco and glue the individual pieces onto a headband in any order you wish.

Strawberry and curls anyone?


crochet flower and fruit headband

Start off by making simple crochet flowers

and fruit … the website gives you precise instructions and a whole lot more …


and why stop at a headband when you can make bracelets, buttonhole flowers, and customized jeans deco

Stuff you need:


A 2.5 crochet hook



headbands or clips

Hot glue gun or sew flowers in place by hand on a soft band

Nip over to the website for basic crochet stitch instructions

Do you have a skill or craft you’d like us to shout out about? Pop us an email via contact us we’d love to hear from you.

crochet headband for a child