Fatherhood is brilliant and daunting in equal measure. We’ve spoken to loads of dads and dads-to-be, and we hear that a big worry you have (which you share with full time working mums) is how to keep up with every milestone and development, how to learn to do the basics and to understand what is happening and enjoy the experience whilst working what seems like round the clock.

We’ve been listening carefully, taking notes and are really excited about a group of short sessions that we are developing, accessible online which especially focused on your needs, curiosity, and concerns.


dad bottle feeding a baby

The best bit is that the sessions are free! Drop us a line and we’ll send you to link.. it’s as easy as that!

What has become clear from your comments is there’s loads of stuff you really want to know but feel uncomfortable asking about, either because the answers (it seems to you) must be so obvious or you simply you don’t want to ask them in public

Riverside Cares is putting together a series of tips underpinned by expert knowledge based on your questions and comments on stuff you’d really like to know about ranging from what happens on ‘day one’ when you meet your new baby through to what to do when your toddler holds their breath until they go blue, with everything you can imagine in between. We will be adding sessions all the time.

Do you have a topic you would like us to cover or a nifty tip you’d like to share ? We’d genuinely love to hear from you. Please send in your questions and tips we want to hear from you too.

In honour of Daddy-in-Training we’ve added a new first aid course: Baby & Child First Aid for Blokes 3 Hour Session in Your Home, Office or our Training Room LAUNCH PRICE!