Offer your employees meaningful emergency childcare solutions.

There are times when the best laid plans go wrong. A childcare arrangement falls apart, an employee’s child is unexpectedly sick and stays home from school, an family member needs accompanying to a medical appointment or their caregiving arrangement goes wrong. The list is endless and the only option for your employee is to take time off work.

Riverside Cares can help fill in the gap offering a service which will help your employees when the unexpected happens.

But it doesn’t stop there, sometimes the gaps that need filling are known in advance for example school holidays, caregiving employees pre-booked annual leave, or simply finding a replacement for an existing arrangement.

We will work with you to create well thought out solutions that speak to your company’s individual needs, regardless of whether you are a small to medium sided organisation or a large corporation.

Since 1989 we have extensive experience of supplying carers in a wide variety of situations, ranging from preferred supplier to local boroughs, private day nurseries to individual families. We operate an early morning emergency desk from 7.30am, meaning we are perfectly set up to react fast to emergencies and support your needs.