Mary Poppins Quits

Just a spoonful of sugar helps more than the medicine go down! Rather than rejecting Mary Poppins as an embarrasement to the profession we instead still love and embrace her which is a mystery to me. However seems she’s quitting on us and thats due to exploitation. Yep, she feels she’s not paid enough and doesn’t earn…


Sounds Berry Berry Good To Us

Cranberry Iced Tea   Ingredients Serves around 14 people 1 gallon water 1 american cup of sugar 15 teabags 12 fluid ounce can of frozen cranberry juice concentrate What you do: Boil the water Add the sugar, stir until dissolved Add teabags and let them steep until you get a strenth you’re happy with. Sir in…

Well Done Germany!

An excellent competition with memories ranging from the bizarre, Suarez,  to the magnificent, Germany’s 7 goals. Rio looked amazing – that’s the city as opposed to the chap in the smart jacket working for the BBC and an opportunity to hear Alan Hansen’s precise  and insightful commentary for the last time.