Gabi asked 1 year ago

How would I present myself being the best in interviews ? Also , which questions would I need to avoid when I am there and which I should ask about the job/salary expectations/holidays?

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Riverside Cares Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi  Thank you for your question. Great question which requires a long answer. So I\’ll go for the key bits! How would I present myself being the best in interviews? We\’re big fans of being yourself, a tidy, efficient well organized version of yourself, essentially be natural. Interviewers have an unerring ability to sniff out a fake. When you say \’being the best\’ do you mean the best candidate? Let\’s assume you do. At base you do need to be suitably qualified so let\’s assume you are. Then all you need to deal with is ensuring that your interviewer understands your level of ability, knowledge, commitment, reliability and suitability. Make sure you really listen to the question the interviewer is posing rather than the one you wish they were. Answer that question and then use it as a spring board to add on elements that you think are relevant. For example if you are asked about what to do in a particular situation, after answering you can then add illustrations of personal experience that will aid the interviewer in recognizing your depth of skill. Let\’s go in the opposite direction, you can\’t answer the question because you don\’t know the answer. You know what – that\’s okay. At Riverside Cares, when we are interviewing candidates for childcare jobs, as well as looking for a candidate who knows what to do we are looking for people with potential too, in that instance we are looking at how they tackle not knowing and how they ask how they can find out the information themselves. We can\’t all know everything but we can be really powerful in admitting it and showing a real interest in learning.   \’which questions would I need to avoid when I am there\’  Lots of this answered above, but the truth is you cannot avoid a question or ignore it in an interview – it just looks strange and a bit worrying especially avoidance \’which should I ask about the job/salary expectations/holidays?\’ It\’s fine to ask all those things (but let\’s clarify on salary)  but do wait to the end of the interview because they may well be covered during the interview as it unfolds.  By the end of the interview you should understand the following or ask when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions: Job – title, role, hours, is it a new role or are you replacing someone, length of the job (its not a strange question for a nanny as the child may be going to nursery) Salary – expectations means what you expect, we\’d say start by asking what the renumeration IS and clarifying that this is a gross or nett of tax and NI (again a strange anomaly of nannying but you do need to know and be clear). Salary Expectations – if you like the job but the salary doesn\’t match up and you can\’t proceed further unless this is clarified then you do need to say, otherwise it is a waste of your time and the interviewer. Also the salary may sometimes be negotiable for the right candidate  Holidays – read up in advance (ACAS free website useful) about statutory holidays and ask what your holiday entitlement will be Hope that helps and good luck. We run lots of courses for Nannies, key qualifications, CPD including Paediatric first aid and DBS checks. We are always interested in meeting childcare professionals looking for jobs as we offer both temporary and permanent job opportunities  regards Gaby  co founder Riverside Cares  Visit our childcare hub for sessions, suggestions, opportunities to learn paediatric first aid life saving skills and our events page for pop ups and know how sessions around London. Riverside Cares trains professional childcarers and supplies at home care and nursery staff to early years settings  Join us on April 20 at Stepney City Farm for a very special morning (info on our events page)            you are being asked so that any answer you give answers the questions and the