QuestionsCategory: paediatric first aidI really feel I should to do a first aid course but I don’t have the time
Emma Putin asked 2 years ago

I really feel I should to do a first aid course but I don’t have the time – what are the most important things I must know. I have a 2 year old boy

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Jill Wheatcroft Staff answered 2 years ago


When it comes to First Aid you really need to do a hands on First Aid course as it’s a very practical skill and yes common sense plays it’s part, however there are certain things you simply need to learn with a trainer such as CPR.


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We have put together a three hour Baby and Child First Aid session which covers what I would consider of utmost importance in a format that works for  groups in a family home, community setting or in an office, we were mindful to make the session as accessible as possible. Here is the link.

We also offer this as an evening session on the first wednesday evening of every month

So what is covered? How to deal with emergencies, choking, baby resuscitation, febrile convulsions how to care for a casualty including non responsive and breathing and non responsive and not breathing  CPR, and so much more.  If you’re not sure whether to take the plunge or simply want to ask a bit more we’d be delighted to talk to you about options. Our overarching feeling is if we had to choose between dinner out or learning how to save a life, we know which we’d choose. Once completed one doesnot need to update for three years.

Best wishes and thank you for posting your question.

Jill Wheatcroft

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