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James asked 1 year ago

I have had a problem recently where my child who is 14 months has been slightly unwell and unable to attend nursery. Any suggestions?

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Riverside Cares Staff answered 1 year ago

Our office operates from 730am Monday – Friday with an out of hours answerphone service and our professional childcarers are able to work 24/7. This means that we are primed to help if you unexpectedly need cover if your child is not going to nursery or gets sent home. The best way to get the most from our service is to register in advance  (this does not incur a fee) this means that if you do have an emergency all you need to do is contact us by phone or email if you have an unexpected need for childcare help. We will then very speedily be able to contact one of our temporary childcarers on our emergency list who can head out to you from their home with the minimum of delay time. You do pay for the service we provide and the salary for the work undertaken by the nanny but you do not pay us in advance to register. We like to think of this as a terrific safety net 
You can of course also make bookings in advance and we are specialist recruiters if you are looking for a long term solution
Best wishes 
Gaby Morris 
Gaby is co-founder of Riverside Cares and Director of Training, she accepts clients for one-to-one consultancy.
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