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March 20th 2018


The line is live now which means you can post your questions and check in for your answer on the day!

We’ll be talking about Faddy eaters, Food rejection, Feeding children well, Baby led weaning, Breastfeeding, Childcare solutions, CV’s, Paediatric first aid, Toddler tantrums, Nanny life, Working from Home, sorting out sleepless nights.

We’ll be chatting about coping with starting school or nursery and so much more.

An ace opportunity to ask questions knowing you’ll get trustworthy answers underpinned by professional knowledge.



The Panel will also be sharing their thoughts and ideas about current trends and fads and how we should interpret them.

We’ll also be talking about



communicating with children,

tackling sleeping issues,

how to politely respond to unwarranted advice from relatives,

persistent  food rejection,

how to comfort children in times of stress.

If you have a great tip or woe we’d love to hear that too!

Looking forward to your questions answer will be:

Jill Wheatcroft Childcare expert & Lecturer in Child Health

Dr Emma Haycraft Co Creator of the Child Feeding Guide and specialist in child feeding 

Gaby Morris Co-Founder of Riverside Cares

Let’s get started! Scroll down to Ask a Question and follow the instructions it is super easy!

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Jill Wheatcroft

Gaby Morris

Dr Emma Haycraft

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