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‘Ask the Expert’ web panel event.

We’ll be going live at 9.30am and will be answering your questions throughout the day until 5.30pm.

We’ll be covering useful topics ranging from

faddy eaters, feeding children well, breastfeeding, paediatric first aid,

sleep issues, toddler tantrums, coping with starting school or nursery

and so much more and we’ll even questions about CV’s

This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions knowing you will get answers you can trust, that are underpinned by professional knowledge. As well as asking questions, the team will be sharing their thoughts and ideas too. We’ll be talking about, and taking questions about faddy eating, food rejection, baby-led weaning, childcare solutions, nanny life, employment in a home setting and  sorting out sleepless nights.

If you have a great tip or woe we’d love to hear that too!

Waiting to answer and share and care will be:

Jill Wheatcroft, childcare expert & Lecturer in Child Health

Dr Emma Haycraft co creator of the Child Feeding Guide and specialist in child feeding 

Gaby Morris co-founder of Riverside Cares taking questions about

human resources and employer/employee issues.

Jay Subramanian taking questions about

creating the best CV for a career in childcare and

presenting your best self at interviews

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Jill Wheatcroft

Gaby Morris

Dr Emma Haycraft

Jay Subramanian